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4 Weeks Mindset Revamp

$990 USD

DURATION: 4 weeks
CALLS: 2 x 50 min calls / week
CHECK-IN: Daily Facebook text + voice messaging
LOCATION: Zoom / Facebook call

This is a high touchpoint, private coaching program that gives you the most direct and effective solution to help you see results within 4 weeks. I’ll be holding your hand to guide you to re-familiarise with your current reality and go through a series of exercises to discover what is holding you back, and build confidence so you can feel empowered to rise up to fulfil your own potential.

Together, we will set the achievable goals, create an action plan that excites you and challenges you at the same time. Most importantly, re-engineer a new mindset so you are operating at your highest performance level you’ve always meant to be.


- Increase self confidence and sense of certainty
- Promote self love and healthy self image
- Find clarity and direction in future steps
- Deepen existing and new relationships
- Fix procrastination tendencies and patterns
- Remove overwhelm and sense of insecurity
- Create space for creativity and inspiration
- Build sustainable growth habits that lasts