Hey lovely, I’m Eunice!

If you’re the kind of woman who have a passion for living, dreams a life bigger than the one right now…

Or enjoy giving back and living with a higher purpose…

Or want to share your abundance and love to people around you...

And crave the sense of freedom to travel and experience life…

I knew we’d get along!

I was inspired by a very powerful woman in my life

I still remember that day watching mom smiling and talking into the mirror as she prepared for a client meeting as if it was just yesterday.

She wore a soft white blouse and a black suit, paired with gold earrings. She recited her words firmly under her breath as she fixed her hair. There was this special kind of spirit and fire in her eyes that captivated me.

She was radiant, and carried herself like a million dollars. I knew I’d be like her someday.

I was mesmerised by her energy.

“Eunice, you can do everything you put your mind to.
You are limitless.”

Her eyes smiled with love as she caught my 4 year old self watching her in the reflection.

She was the person I admire the most .

She had always told me to be the master of my own fate, and to believe in myself. 

However, my journey was not all rainbows and confetti…

Because all of the years I grew up denying my own history and identity

My mother died when I was 8. I was told not to talk about my mom’s death to others, as it was not the ideal image of a “perfect family”.

And so I buried the event along with my voice. I acted as though nothing was wrong and tried to appear unaffected by the big, dark, bottomless gaping void in my heart.

I wanted acceptance

This meant to deny my “self”, and to fill it with the need for someone else’s love and approval because I needed the world’s acceptance. I felt unworthy of love, as if I did not qualify to receive affection. I felt small, uncertain of myself, and rejected my own identity so that I could blend in and feel normal.

I was always criticised for being myself which made me feel insignificant

After I graduated university I took a job in advertising. The pay was little and it became apparent no one cared about my input. I was just another “headcount” in the company.

Every time I switched jobs, I would receive snarky comments, saying I’m being greedy, and that I’m asking for more than I deserve.

That’s when things started going downhill...

Everyday I was being fed with negativity, and fear eroded my mindset after all these years. I started playing safe, doubting my abilities… and wondering if I actually deserved more wealth, happiness and abundance in my life.

I thought, “No one believed in me, so who am I to believe in myself?”

I was afraid to ask to get paid my worth

I was afraid to ask for more opportunities

And when those opportunities came, I’d get paralysed fearing I’d disappoint myself and others

I was afraid to speak because I knew people were judging

Or if they didn’t even bother judging… because they probably weren’t listening anyway

A fearful, scarcity mindset eroded my mind all these years.

I took every step with self-doubt and insecurity. Whatever was left of my self-confidence faded, along with my mother’s teachings.

But my mother refused to give up on me

Then one day, my aunt gave me a diamond pendant. She had kept it stored away in a safe box all these years until I was old enough to keep it safe.

I felt a rush of love come back to me as I looked at myself in the mirror with the pendant on my neck. A wave of emotions hit me so strong that I sensed my blood rush back to my fingertips, my lips, my limbs, my face… It was like I’ve been brought back to life.

As I touched the pendant looking into my own grown-up reflection, my mother’s tender voice echoed:
“Eunice, you can do everything you put your mind to. You are limitless.”

A thick fog in front of my eyes suddenly disappeared. I could see clearly again.

That was when I realised, I do have plenty to create the kind of life I want for myself.

At that moment, I released myself from all the false beliefs that held me back from reaching my potential. I freed myself from all the thoughts that kept me in my own mental prison.

And of course, my mom would’ve wanted to see me shine!

I no longer fear not having enough resources, time, connections, money, because I have access to my own limitless mind.

Ever since then, I’ve removed all the self-doubts and fears, those feelings which no longer serve me and kept me playing small. The discovery of my truth gave me back my voice and ignited my desire to live a happy life.

I’ve been able to invest myself in every possible way to manifest the life I want to live

Within just one year – I went from being the most junior, inexperienced employee with ZERO experience to become the highest paid sales member in my team.

Raises, bonuses, commissions, leadership opportunities, everything kept flying in within one year. I QUADRUPLED my income because I made a decision, never to settle for less.

I made a huge pivot in my life and embraced my new identity.

And now it is my mission…

to help you on the same journey, to tap into your deep, hidden inner vault to access WEALTH + HAPPINESS

so that you can experience liberating freedom, fulfilment and abundance in your life!




Now it’s your time to shine!