How to know if you are subconsciously rejecting money

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I come across so many people who turn down money in many ways.You’d think that everyone wants to have access to more money in their lives so that they can have the freedom and time to spend it in the way they want, but the results don’t quite tell the same story.

They come up with all sorts of excuses to pass up their chance, indirectly turning away money and other doors that could have opened up otherwise. When I work with people to find out why they are not making their desired income, they’re dumbfounded when I point out to them they are resisting money in one way or the other.

On the conscious level, we all like the idea of having our wealth easily accessible — but some of us subconsciously reject the idea, hence we unknowingly turn away from the roads that lead us to our desired goals.

Here are the three most common false beliefs that hold people back from attaining more wealth and happiness in their lives. Do any of these speak to you?

Belief #1: Making money is difficult

False! Making money can be easy — at least for you. Since you are reading this post, I’m going to assume you have the privilege to access an infinite sea of knowledge online, just under your fingertips. And if you can follow what I said up until this point, you have sound cognitive abilities to process what I’m about to say, and therefore this applies to you.

How we invest our time, our energy, our abilities is entirely up to us. You can work fourteen hours a day and still make much less than someone who works the same amount of time in a week.

So if you can believe in working that many hours a day just to make a living, why not split that in half and invest the rest of your time creating or looking for opportunities that will get you to the next level?

Belief #2: Making lots of money is only for other people

False! Making lots of money is for anyone, including yourself. A lot of us have an unrealistic perception that being rich means we have to be famous, or live under the spotlight, or have celebrity status. Some of us even go to conclude that they must have eccentric taste and drive a Ferrari.

When we imprint our minds with this image, we disassociate ourselves from the possibilities of getting rich. These impressions indirectly tell us in order to be rich, we have to first fulfill the “prerequisites”, such as having all the external status symbols to be qualified for a wealthy life.

In reality, there are plenty of wealthy people that act and behave like any of us who live under the radar. And we don’t see them in the media because they don’t get picked up by the media, so there is no chance for us to break this false belief.

Once we remove the idea that making lots of money is only for “other” people, we could believe that the person next door is a secret millionaire… or better yet, that person could be you!

Belief #3: I don’t have what it takes to make more money

False! You have everything you need to make more money. We hold on to the illusion that we need more to succeed in this world because telling ourselves that we “don’t have enough” is a perfectly valid excuse for why we are not successful already.

The fact that there is truth to both sides is because of confirmation bias — we only look for evidence that supports the reality that we believe in, simply because that makes us comfortable. Therefore, if you want to convince yourself that you will achieve your desired income goals, start looking for evidence that favors this belief and work your way there.

Change your beliefs, change your life

Our beliefs define the actions we take, and our actions define our outcomes. So if we want to change the world we live in and start making improvements to our lives, we must start by changing our beliefs.

Now, are you ready to open your eyes and the infinite possibilities that support your dreams?

How I Attracted Money in a Spiritual Way

(Spoiler alert…it actually worked!)


Three years ago I would not have dreamed of writing an article about attracting money (that sounds like total bogus), and here I am! I was the most unspiritual, non-superstitious person that defied anything to do with the universe and metaphysical world. I still remain non-superstitious, but developed a slight curiosity towards exploring what spirituality means and how being spiritual leads people to make money in a meaningful and honest way.

Having grown up in a Christian home, I’ve never explored any religion outside of Christianity. In our family, anything that came from unknown forces are deemed as “bad” or “evil”. That’s why the idea of expecting money outside of your regular paycheque is unfamiliar to me. However, I was open to exploring my ability to seek out more resources as long as it fell within my values.

Have a willingness to explore

One year ago, I was looking for study music on Youtube to help me focus on coursework for my insurance license. I stumbled onto a video with the title that suggested that it could help me attract money. I can’t remember if it showed an image of Buddha or another spiritual figure (to me it made no difference), my innocent curiosity nudged me so I clicked it.

My eagerness sent me straight to the comments section to see if it worked for other people. As I started scrolling down the page, streams of beautiful praises and appreciation covered the page to the person who uploaded the soundtrack. I still remember judging them, and kept reading with a sense of skepticism and doubt.

I don’t remember seeing any negative reviews. I suspect it’s because the ones who didn’t believe in it wouldn’t have clicked it in the first place — or maybe I was biased to only pick up on the positive comments. Some people claimed the soundtrack helped them study better; some claimed they received unexpected bonuses from their bosses, and some received refund cheques from a long time ago that they didn’t know about.

“Sounds promising,” I thought, so I hit play and kept it looping in the background. I ended the study session that day and kept repeating this for another two days. You may have guessed what happened next…

I received a mail shortly after

It was addressed to me with a $50 USD cheque sent by the immigration department. It was a refund with a rejection letter of an application of some sort; I was not bothered by the content. Rather, I was curious if the cheque was a result of the soundtrack I listened to a few days ago. However, there was no way to prove it, so I brushed it off and attributed the coincidence to pure chance. It wasn’t long before I forgot about the video.

Fast forward to just two days ago before writing this post, I revisited Youtube again for study music to help me concentrate on writing my blog posts. I figured the calm melodies would help me get into focus easier, so I started my search again.

My eyes scanned for the ones with a catchy headline, and I landed on the one that says, “Attract Abundance of Money Prosperity Luck & Wealth”. I repeated the same action; I went straight to the comments to look for positive feedback even when I knew there was no way to validate the claims. I was skeptical but it doesn’t hurt to dream.

“Bingo!” People said that money was flying in left and right. That’s the video I’ll go with.

I put that video on while I was writing and for the rest of the day as I completed other tasks. It was soothing and really helped me focus. If the music didn’t help me attract more money, at least it increased my attention span to help me finish my writing.

The next day I did the same by putting on the soundtrack and carried on with my work as usual. By the end of the day I hopped onto Skype my boyfriend. While we were chatting, I noticed a letter that’s been sitting on my desk for a few days that looked important.

It was a letter from the government

Inside was a cheque of $1,700 USD of tax refund from the previous tax year. I sat there in shock and awe, and feeling goosebumps all over my body. This was the second time I’ve received a cheque in my life. Both times happened shortly after I listened to the money attraction soundtracks. Could there be coincidences twice in a row? Maybe.

This morning, I received another cheque that was written for my client of $800 USD, a refund from the company because she overpaid her bill by accident. Even though the cheque was not written for me, the money is through me.

New perspectives come with miracles

I wrote this post to share my experience on how my open mindedness allowed more resources to come my way. As much as I still prefer the sustainable ways to make money, I learnt to acknowledge that we can only control the predictable means to create wealth. Once we open ourselves up to the possibilities of receiving resources from unexpected areas, we allow the opportunities for miracles to happen.

My wish for you is to see the world with the curiosity of a child. Everyday we experience the world that may challenge our beliefs — I encourage you to investigate new perspectives that allow the possibility for new outcomes in your life. Who knows, you might be surprised!

Can you guess what I’m listening while writing this post?

How you can think your way to wealth


“It isn’t possible.” This is what your mind wants you to believe. Did you notice you were curious enough to click on the title but as soon as you begin to read you are wondering what’s the catch behind it?

I fully and wholeheartedly believe that you absolutely can. I believe you can think your way to your biggest success (or most embarrassing failure for that matter) because every single person on this planet has the gift to reach their highest potential when they realise their purpose – no matter your limitations, differences and hurdles. And in this context, I am talking about wealth being a result when a person discovers and follows their purpose.

When our setbacks becomes our assets

What about our challenges that shape our career and the success in life? Why do some people achieve greatness at so much ease after life’s biggest hardships? What about the stories of those people who have just a few dollars left in their pockets to survive the week, that give them the edge to out of externally imposed limitations?

There’s something innately so revolutionary about what those challenges do to our minds. It trains our minds to think faster, quicker, and more creatively to come up with the solutions to keep ourselves alive. But success does not come to those for every person who go through hardships.

It’s for the people who learn from them and want it badly enough to break out of the patterns. It’s for the people who know their struggle story and wear it on their sleeve like the scars of war. Those are the ones that realise the value of their stories and are able to use their humbling experiences as their advantage.

It comes to a point where they have to make a decision – whether if they want to continue to be a victim of their fate, or turn their challenges into their gifts, that brings them to a pivotal moment that leaves their suffering behind. How are you embracing your challenges and turning that into your own hero story?

A little mindfulness goes a long way

You’ve probably heard of this quote way too many times on social media posts... “work smarter, not harder” (because I have). There is truth to that statement, but people don’t tell you what exactly working smarter means. Certainly no one tries to less any less smart. So I’m not sure if I really need someone to tell me to work smarter because I’m already working the smartest I possibly can. I believe the same applies to you too.

Before we rush off to check off more tasks and catch up on our long list of unfinished work, let’s just take a quick moment to slow down and re-focus. It sounds counterintuitive, I know. Our calendars are packed from the minute we wake up to the moment our head hits the pillow at night, that we don’t give ourselves time to think about how we are spending our time.

If you find yourself constantly devouring and processing information every minute of the day, or having lunch at your desk while checking emails… (yep, I was guilty of that) I hope you can take just a few minutes to breathe, and think about how your work now contributes to your purpose.

Bring your attention back to the present moment and your current position; do your actions intentionally aligned with the purpose of meeting your end goal?

Do your actions need to be adjusted, or does your mind need a reset to see your current position with fresh eyes?

More importantly – what personal lessons can you learn in every step of the way, and what is the one thing that’s holding you back to unlocking your next level?

This mindfulness exercise is so refreshing for the mind as it allows you to refocus your energy every day, and allows you to listen to your mind for new ideas and insights you would not have noticed otherwise.

How do you know this is the right way to go?

No one in the world can tell you which path to take. You will come across many detours and a thousand moments of “things didn’t work out”, before you reach a pivotal point that skyrockets your life. This is where your inner voice comes into play.

To achieve greater wealth in life, you must develop an unshakable faith in your intuition and carry the burning desire to seek out possibilities in every situation, especially when it means you are called to step out of your comfort zone.

You must absolutely believe that your odds, limitations and hurdles are what give you an inspiring story to tell like no other, and have the unfair advantage to achieve the level of greatness you’re designed for.

Why It Actually Pays To Be Happy


Do you ever wonder why positive and upbeat people always gets up the ladder way faster than the rest? Is it the magic of smooching up to someone or is there inherently something special that happen to people who are generally happier? I’m not talking about those who are good at hiding their negative emotions. I’m referring to those people who go through life knowing they experience emotional ups and downs and still manage to stay happy.

Something bad can happen one day and they somehow are able to find their stillness. They carry a certain quality of calmness that makes tough situations seem less stressful.

Does this remind you of a certain someone in your circle, or maybe at work? Maybe there’s a teeny-tiny-bit of discomfort that you just can’t seem to “vibing” at their level… what is their secret?

I am talking about the people who are truly, genuinely, and authentically radiating happiness from the inside and on every single level. You can’t help but admit that it’s a little irritating how they just got life figured out for them, and at the same time you’re dying to know where they find their bliss.

They seem to make friends everywhere they go, they are great conversationalists, people tend to fall in love with them and be friends with them within a short amount of time, and they get the best service everywhere they go. It’s no wonder why they seem to enjoy life on a different level. And when they have bad times, they’re the first ones to get support pouring in and people rushing to help from every corner.

What do they have that I don’t?

I was in that position a few years back — I worked at a global advertising firm as an intern. I assumed all the interns were treated the same. We were all hand picked from reputable universities and have high GPAs. But reality soon hit me that it was not the case, and that work place does favor those who are happier.

Maybe “happy” is too broad to describe this fellow junior colleague of mine. She was smart, articulate, energetic, intellectual and hardworking… to be fair, I think I lived up to the same descriptions too, or at least I thought so. The only difference was, she seemed popular and that made me jealous.

You see, trying to portraying yourself as happy and being authentically happy are completely different things. Watching her thrive, I learnt to adapt my behavior to prove myself. I became a little friendlier, added a little humor, started small talk a little more, and also rushed to offer my help to other colleagues at every opportunity. But all of this “effort” was coming from a place in my heart known as jealousy.

Ironically, the harder I tried, the more popular she became. It seemed like my energy was pushing people away and I felt it even added to her likability. She started receiving bigger responsibilities and soon was promoted before I even heard about the opportunity. People wanted to hang around her, and naturally her growth skyrocketed along with her confidence.

Fast forward a couple of years, she is raised to managerial level and has been transferred to multiple other offices for exchange. To say that her career has been “smooth sailing” is an understatement. After seeing one of her new Linkedin updates a small voice entered my head. It was a sudden realisation after having compared myself to her success for so many years — I realised that I had not done my fair share of self-development. And in order for life to give you a reward, you first need to invest in embodying the qualities of a person who is likely to receive it. This realisation opened up my mind to a whole new perspective.

Get your glow on

To me, that means bringing your best energy to work and life every single day. It means not giving in to the power of negativity when things go wrong. It means assuming other people mean well and have the best intentions. It means turning your challenges into creativity energy. It means taking your ideas to the next level because you are inspired.

We all want to increase material wealth or climb the ladder of success in some form. Instead of focusing on the outcome, we must first lay the groundwork which makes up 99% of the effort. This is the internal part, or I’d like to call “behind the scenes” where nobody sees, before everything manifests itself as a result.

So if you want to achieve sustainable growth in your income and happiness, start by bringing the attention back to self care. When you are willing to work out the difficult parts internally, you are able to remove all distraction that affects your attention and intention. Only then can you develop laser focus and bring yourself to operate at the highest level. 

In the place of genuine happiness, that’s where you can radiate an infinite beam to shine light up those around you. That is where true wealth begins.

Coaching for Skeptics


This blog post is for you if you are skeptical about what a coach can do. Being a mindset transformation coach myself, I have witnessed the level of change that good coaching can bring to a person’s life, career, health and relationships. But I’m not here to preach to you about why you need one, because both statements stand true – you’re right if you do, and you’re right if you don’t. Coaching only works for those who believe they need it.

So maybe you are reading this post purely out of curiosity, or you are on the fence about deciding to work with one and haven’t quite made the leap of faith – either way, you’re already here. As the title suggests, I wrote this post specifically for you who are skeptical about coaching, because you may be in my exact position where I first started my journey. But I’ll tell you this much is true – people who believe in coaching are 100% sold, and the people who don’t will tell you it’s a waste of money. Who then can you trust?

This is why I want to share my 3 biggest takeaways after hiring multiple coaches on different areas. I personally went through a journey that led me to discover a whole new understanding of what creates long term transformation. Since then I’ve become more open to making personal change from a fundamental level. I’ve also developed more sensitivity around establishing trust, rapport, and communication to help my clients with transformation in a bigger magnitude.

What got you here won’t get you there

Don’t waste your money on a coach if you are resistant to change. No magic potion or formula can help you if you are trying to get new results doing exactly the same things. Same goes to success, we cannot expect new breakthroughs if we keep thinking in the same mentality.

Our ego is a funny thing. We were confident enough to get us from where we were to where we are now – without it, we would not have come this far. However, there comes a time where we’ll need to leave our old beliefs behind for a new set of keys to unlock the next door. The magic only happens for those who are willing to leave their egos outside, step into humility, so that we can gain a new perspective for the next level.

You can’t help yourself if you are the problem

Do you ever wonder why it’s so easy to give advice to others but somehow we can never come up with our own advice for the challenges we face? Or that we doubt our abilities to follow through the solutions we prescribe ourselves?

The reason we find it so hard to see our situations objectively is because our minds are what created the problems in the first place; essentially we are the problem itself. Emotion also play a huge role in lowering our abilities to make fair decisions, so the only way to get an instant new perspective is from an external resource that has no emotional attachment to your problem. In this case, you can most definitely benefit from someone who is trained in looking into problems objectively that steers clear from judgement and bias.

A coach is so much more than a book or youtube

For the longest time, I was scrimping every free resource I could find online so that I could “DIY”. My mentality was that “everything is free, and there is nothing I cannot learn online”. Fair enough. In this digital age, we have more information than we could possibly consume in our lifetime, so a lack of information was never the problem.

I still remember clicking through all the “How to” videos in Youtube I could find on career, success, money, business etcetera. To my credit, I learnt how to build a beautiful website, start an email campaign, and put together a few blog posts; but they all led me nowhere. I was moving at 500 mph with no direction.

After having seen (and possibly stalked) a few entrepreneurs that started to get results online, I figured that I was burning all my energy in the wrong places, and was working very hard with no clear strategy. I was doing everything and achieved nothing at the same time. You can have all the greatest answers to the wrong questions if you don’t know the right questions to ask.

Being an skeptic myself (I’m on the extreme side of the spectrum), it took me much longer than I wanted to admit that I could benefit from the help of a coach. From questioning the coach’s credentials to doubting if the testimonials credibility – I finally made the decision to bite the bullet and acknowledge “I don’t know what I don’t know”, so that I could finally get the guidance I needed to take me to the next level before I burn all my fuel in the wrong engines. If your coach did not match your expectations, what’s the worst that could happen?

Sure, you could lose some time, money, energy… but nothing will cost you as much as not living up to your biggest potential.

How much is your service worth? Pricing beyond strategy


You don’t have to make your work available to everyone. Because you, my dear, are not a one-size-fits all solution, and neither should your business! Learning to put a dollar sign to my service is one of the biggest self-discovery process that I had to “grow” through – not only is it an exercise to gauge where I stand in the marketplace, it is also a process where I learnt to recognise the value of which I placed upon myself (self-actualisation, hello!), and the level of influence in which I can spread my message to people who needed to hear it. I believe this is true for you too, no matter if you are providing a service to one person, a few, or many.

We all come to a point where we justify how much or how little to charge, or perhaps we’re considering to raise our prices to match our new services – our mind rushes to recall all of our relevant qualifications and experience to prove our worth. Sometimes our view is distorted by our perception when self doubt is being magnified by evidence that don’t truly support our value.

I still remember the moment when I started researching how other people price their businesses – naturally, I’d compare myself to people who has made it all the way to the top. I told myself there was no way I’d ever be able to make the level of income they do. I allowed myself to sulk a little longer than I wanted to… then I realised, I had fallen into the trap of self doubt that blinded me from allowing my message to reach the right audience who needed me the most.

Understanding the exchange of your energy and influence

The one and most important thing you can bring to your work is high level energy – as the dictionary describes, it is the combination of strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity. When it comes to pricing your products or business, there are different factors that may influence the price tag – but nothing will turn up the dial as much as intensifying your energy levels and impact on every level of your business.

Your price point is an internal reflection of how you view your service

I would not believe anyone who told me this last year, but internally I’ve experienced a shift that changed the way I view my work forever. I went from trading my hours for money, to trading my impact for money. Experiencing this shift on my perspective around my service allowed me to become more “productive” in less time without having to do more work. This realisation helped me see the potential of the impact I could make, such as the ripple effect would take place to affect other people around my clients, and thus changing the quality of their lives. So it’s important to acknowledge the level of change you are bringing into people's’ lives – and see the potential of your impact beyond face value. Another way to put it is to ask yourself, “what would it cost them if they didn’t buy this product, or they didn’t work with you?”

Getting the right people to find you

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we knew that we were meant to work with certain people before making a commitment? We want to find people who value our work as much as we do. Recognising our true value not only justifies our time and effort spent in our business, it also sends a message to those who are looking for an impact at the level in which we deliver. It serves as a way to “qualify” the people whom we want to work with, to find the people who aligns with our vision. It serves as the “unspoken red-rope policy” which requires a specific amount of time, energy and monetary commitment on their end. A person who sees that you have something to give which they need, and is willing and ready on every level to carry out this exchange of time, intellect, and energy.

This is why qualifications and strategy alone do not accurately determine our worth. Putting all the math and equations aside – in the end of the day, it’s more important that you feel good about charging what you’re worth. You are doing a great service to yourself and your clients by bringing the focus back to the heart of your business and your energy, so that you can serve the right people who are ready to invest in themselves in the best way possible.

Surrender Yourself To Consistency

cathryn-lavery-67852-unsplash (1).jpg

When I said the word “consistency”, you probably cringed a little bit inside... The conscious part of your mind knows that you need to “accept” consistency as the elemental part of your success in business and life, but there’s an unspoken uneasiness about the word when it’s brought to your attention. That’s most likely your subconscious mind fighting it out of your head because “consistency” is trying to beat you into shape.

This was my relationship with Consistency before I truly learnt to respect and honour it.

You may be in the same place I was – three years ago, when I chased after every podcast, every self help video, every life guru on Youtube. I subscribed myself to an embarrassing amount of self-improvement and success related channels out there (I can’t even count!). Looking back, I suspect maybe I was drawn to that kind of energy, as if hashtag grit, hashtag daily grind, and hashtag hustle was the only way to go to achieve true consistency.

I wish someone had told me that was wrong, that “hard work” was the wrong hero I was looking for, that there was an easier and more graceful way that leads the path to success no one ever talks about.

My breakthrough happened when I least expected it – and my hope is for you to experience the same epiphany too. Here’s what I realised: How you experience consistency is entirely your choice, it all comes down to what you associate “being consistent” with.

Let me show you the two sides to the same coin. People who tell you that “grit” is the answer, primarily brings your attention to the lack of achievement, which is a self-punishing mentality that leads you to constantly believe that you’re just “not there yet”, and keeps you in a place of dissatisfaction. The flip side to this belief are people who live in the moment and truly savour the process of micro-level growth. They view every step of the progress as an opportunity to celebrate, and associate the experience with an overall warm, fuzzy feeling. Now, when your body is buzzed with all these good feelings, it would be hard not to become addicted to the process. This is where true consistency is born.

Hard work means work that is hard, work that doesn’t come naturally or easily, and work that you need to grind through because you’re not coming from an inspired position to produce it. But does that mean we don’t do the work when we don’t feel like it?

Well, that’s not entirely the case.

So what would consistency without hard work look like? This question bring an entirely new meaning to your work. Instead of focusing on the outcome, you get to focus on the process – and enjoy the experience of gathering all your power to being inspired, motivated, and feeling the next level energy that makes “consistency” easy. When I was in this state, I generated a new sense of curiosity and wonder in my work.

This is why I decided to disengage with the grind. Here’s a personal example. I’ve had my fair share of struggle posting on social media regularly. The idea of being “chained” to my phone was never appealing. However, I see the value of being visible online so that people could reach out to me for my coaching services. So I’ve tried committing myself to posting on social media for 10-15 minutes a day, coming from a place where I loathed the work but knew it just needed to be done. After this process failed me miserably, I then experimented doing the exact same task carrying the opposite attitude – allowing myself to celebrate every post I made, and sharing every message from the heart. Can you guess which one got me the best results?

For the sake of this article, I’d like to see how this all fits in with your life. Tell me, how do you see yourself surrendering into consistency in your work or daily life, and how will that affect the quality of your experience in achieving your goal?

Breaking Up With Guilt Around Money


Have you ever questioned yourself if pursuing more wealth and money is the "noble" thing to do? Are you afraid of being accused of "greed" when you chose the option makes you more money? Have you been told that you “don't deserve it". Have you held back from celebrating your own success because you thought it might make your family feel bad, because they did not manage to reach those achievements themselves?

Who are we kidding? Is it not right to take care of ourselves? Is it not right to make sure we can afford a roof over our heads and have food on the table? Better yet, isn’t it a great thing to be able to take care of others from the wealth that we create? To spread love, help others, or contribute to causes that we support? Unfortunately, not everyone seems to agree. You may be experiencing guilt from the hardwired internal dialogue, or punishing yourself for feeling great because you know the rest of your family hadn’t done so well in the past.

I know the word "guilt" used here is a powerful word, and I’m not trying to make things look pretty. Because we’ve brushed it under the carpet with our best efforts to not deal with it, only for it to accumulate that manifests in more money problems and heartbreak in the end. It’s an emotion that we experience deeply even though some of us don't even realise or acknowledge the presence of that feeling. It’s the moment that doesn’t feel right knowing you have to give up something you truly value to pursue an opportunity that pays better. Or it’s that discomfort about receiving more money because you believe you deserve less. Well, let’s talk about it.

A lot of us are stuck in this dilemma. On one hand we want to get more money out of our time – so that we can achieve our financial goals faster. On the other hand our mind interrogates ourselves asking us if we really deserve to achieve financial wealth on a higher level. This common scenario shows how our subconsciousness plays a big part in talking ourselves out of achieving true bliss, alignment, and happiness when it comes to making more money. It's so powerful that sometimes we manage to find reasons to get out of the opportunity that gives us more monetary reward.

To understand why this happens and untangle these feelings, we need to look into the self-talk that takes place when guilt kicks in. It comes up in many ways. They most commonly show up as dialogues like:

"I grew up in a family where we've always struggled with money, and now I feel ashamed to share my accomplishments with them"

"I feel like I'm not giving enough value to receive this much in return" or,

"I don't have the qualifications to be charging or being paid this much" or,

"Making this level of income means I might miss out important milestone moments of seeing my baby grow up"

Scripts like these will keep replaying in your head in the background. We all do a good job putting away our emotions in the day. We'll roll it into a ball and stuff it into our pockets. But the moment you quiet down these familiar voices make their way back into your head again, and they remind you that they're here to stay. They disguise themselves as being our "truths".

So you've allowed the guilt sit around for longer than you wished and it's finally time to call them out because it's not leading you anywhere. The best way and only way is to be at peace with your feelings and your inner self talk. In the beginning they were here to remind you to live with integrity and be the best possible version of yourself. They have served their purpose, and it's time to channel guilt into purposeful, useful energy. 

Know that there are many ways to be in touch with your emotions and receive a lot of money without feeling guilty. Know that you can associate your work to feelings of pride, passion and satisfaction. Know that the influence and impact you bring onto the world deserves much more credit than you allow yourself to receive. 

Know that by breaking up with guilt, you're releasing yourself from your limitations and false beliefs, so that you can finally enjoy the bliss of having abundance that's been waiting for you.

Why it's so hard for us to stop Self Sabotaging thoughts

Every once in a while we experience negative thinking or self-talk, or it creeps into our head without warning. We often jump quickly in response to halt our thoughts as soon as we identify these thoughts as negative chatter, which is followed by guilt enforced by our consciousness as a desperate attempt to mask our negativity to stop it from taking up more precious real estate in our minds. You know this all too well.


How often does this happen to you? And do you ever wonder why you only go as far as identifying them, but not making any new breakthroughs that actually replace those thoughts in the first place?

The subconscious mind is a funny thing – it's out of sight but definitely not out of mind. As it's the primary driver that controls 95% of our thoughts; if you want to change your outcome and actions, the subconscious mind is where you'd like to start working on. When you're able to change what happens at the subconscious level, the change will reflect in your conscious thoughts, which allows you to come up with inspired actions that you'll acknowledge on the conscious level. Only then will your mind allow yourself to take meaningful action because your conscious thoughts is aligned with your subconsciousness.

What happens then, when your subconscious thoughts are not aligned with your consciousness? In this case you may start off doing something really motivated, you may do things initially with a lot of power, but you’d find yourself easily be distracted or deviate from your original path for any reason. You may wonder, what happens if you try really hard consciously to stick to your plan for the sake of it? Good luck trying, because doing this will cause you to lose motivation, and your mind will start to find evidence to convince yourself that this was not a good idea from the start. You'll find reasons to talk yourself out of it, and ultimately, you'll find yourself back in square one.

When will this cycle end? Never. It will never end, unless something changes. This means you have to go out of your way to break the cycle. Make a drastic change, uproot everything you've been doing, or pivot and head in a completely different direction. This is why a lot of times when some people fall into a financially bad situation, they stay in the situation indefinitely. This is due to their mindset following a certain pattern and cannot be broken out of the cycle without interference. 

So if you think a Mindset shift is for you, this is absolutely not the time to think small and make incremental changes. Sorry to break it to you, but fundamental change is the answer to breaking your habits of self sabotaging patterns. 

You can get help from a Mindset coach that serves to motivate and push you in the direction of your goals. Chances are – you'll be able to uncover thoughts and truths about yourself that you never knew you've held onto. The sooner you revolutionise your mind, the sooner you will achieve your next level success.

4 Self-loving steps you can take to master your subconsciousness when you don’t have money

If you’re reading this post, chances are, you’ve experienced that chatter like a broken tape in your own head for a while now, and to say that it’s bothersome and discouraging is just an absolute understatement. You want to “mute” it altogether. I totally understand, because I’ve spent so much time trying to “make it go away”, or like some people say, “just practice positive thinking”, or “just keeping working hard”, but I wish it was as simple as that.

It’s important to acknowledge that most of the time, we experience our internal struggles 1000 folds more than our external circumstances. The issue of not having money is super urgent to most people and that makes us more desperate to scramble for any quick solutions we can find.


We experience our internal struggles 1000 folds more than our external circumstances

In times of stress, it’s natural to have an urge to fight these chatters out of our heads, but also understand they exist in our minds as a means of protective mechanism – so that our adrenaline keeps us from making mistakes in our next steps. But sometimes, our self-doubt and insecurities takeover and blind us from great opportunities that are just underneath our noses.

So I want to share with you my 4 easy and actionable steps to walk you through your difficult times. There is always a silver lining at the end of the tunnel.


STEP 1: Identify those factors that bring negative thoughts to your head

What is the “prompt” – such as an item, an action, a person, a negative influence, or something happening? Find out what is the one thing that pushes your buttons to unleash these uncontrolled negative self-talk? Learn how to look out for an anticipate dealing with these emotions next time so they don’t catch you off guard.


STEP 2: Write in a journal about your current emotions on your money struggle

Don’t be afraid to get 100% real with yourself to have this dialogue about your struggle, about your obstacles, and what you experience when caught between all these feelings. When you’re finished, underline words with negative sentiment, or odd sentences that stand out to you. Study your words. And make note of any underlying subconscious thoughts because they’re the ones we really want to get familiar with. Now it’s time to dive deeper and ask to yourself, why you are having those specific feelings? Such as – what exactly did I mean by “getting too much”, or, how much is “not having much to live with”. Problems always seem overbearing until we put them onto paper and break them down into small, manageable parts. Be very specific


Write them down even if they are super small tasks, taking any action gives you momentum, and momentum gives you power

STEP 3: Turning struggle into meaningful action

So this step is very important. Convert those struggles from STEP 2 into specific actionable items, coming up with at least 2-5 immediate solutions on what you’re going to do about it and give yourself a manageable timeline. Write them down even if they are super small tasks, taking any action gives you momentum, and momentum gives you power. By listing out your solutions, you are reclaiming your control of the situation. Believe me – the more solutions you write, the ideas will trickle in. You can set them as “tasks” – the best way to keep yourself accountable is to make sure you put them in your calendar, so you can plan and anticipate your tasks coming up (this will free up your mind space) Actions only take place when you follow through!

STEP 4: Send yourself positive reminders with your phone wallpaper (this works super well)

We all look at our phones about 40-60 times each day on average (shocking, I know!). So make the best use of our time and valuable attention by sending a powerful message to ourselves each time we get a chance to look at it.

This is by far… my absolute favorite part. Head over to Pinterest and find yourself an uplifting affirmation quote that meets your soul’s needs, I mean, one that you can 100% resonate with. Chances are – if you see it enough times, your mind will believe it. Find a quote or positive message that directly addresses your internal struggle. The science behind motivational quotes and why they work (and I’m not just talking about some mumbo-jumbo self made up fact), is because it becomes a self coaching element as we read it. We start to build associations from the message with our own situations. By reading positive quotes, you are building on the confidence and opening up a healthy dialogue with your inner self.



Acknowledge it, make peace with it, and replace it with something positive that is much more solid and powerful

So remember, the only way to remove negative self talk is if you acknowledge it, make peace with it, and replace it with something positive that is much more solid and powerful. This will only work with you do every step with intention. Of course, this does not take the hard work away (sorry if that’s what you’re here for!), you’ll still have to give 200% effort and ownership. But it does give you new eyes to see things in a fresh perspective so that you can mentally rise above your situation and come up with aligned and effective solutions with ease.