How much is your service worth? Pricing beyond strategy


You don’t have to make your work available to everyone. Because you, my dear, are not a one-size-fits all solution, and neither should your business! Learning to put a dollar sign to my service is one of the biggest self-discovery process that I had to “grow” through – not only is it an exercise to gauge where I stand in the marketplace, it is also a process where I learnt to recognise the value of which I placed upon myself (self-actualisation, hello!), and the level of influence in which I can spread my message to people who needed to hear it. I believe this is true for you too, no matter if you are providing a service to one person, a few, or many.

We all come to a point where we justify how much or how little to charge, or perhaps we’re considering to raise our prices to match our new services – our mind rushes to recall all of our relevant qualifications and experience to prove our worth. Sometimes our view is distorted by our perception when self doubt is being magnified by evidence that don’t truly support our value.

I still remember the moment when I started researching how other people price their businesses – naturally, I’d compare myself to people who has made it all the way to the top. I told myself there was no way I’d ever be able to make the level of income they do. I allowed myself to sulk a little longer than I wanted to… then I realised, I had fallen into the trap of self doubt that blinded me from allowing my message to reach the right audience who needed me the most.

Understanding the exchange of your energy and influence

The one and most important thing you can bring to your work is high level energy – as the dictionary describes, it is the combination of strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity. When it comes to pricing your products or business, there are different factors that may influence the price tag – but nothing will turn up the dial as much as intensifying your energy levels and impact on every level of your business.

Your price point is an internal reflection of how you view your service

I would not believe anyone who told me this last year, but internally I’ve experienced a shift that changed the way I view my work forever. I went from trading my hours for money, to trading my impact for money. Experiencing this shift on my perspective around my service allowed me to become more “productive” in less time without having to do more work. This realisation helped me see the potential of the impact I could make, such as the ripple effect would take place to affect other people around my clients, and thus changing the quality of their lives. So it’s important to acknowledge the level of change you are bringing into people's’ lives – and see the potential of your impact beyond face value. Another way to put it is to ask yourself, “what would it cost them if they didn’t buy this product, or they didn’t work with you?”

Getting the right people to find you

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we knew that we were meant to work with certain people before making a commitment? We want to find people who value our work as much as we do. Recognising our true value not only justifies our time and effort spent in our business, it also sends a message to those who are looking for an impact at the level in which we deliver. It serves as a way to “qualify” the people whom we want to work with, to find the people who aligns with our vision. It serves as the “unspoken red-rope policy” which requires a specific amount of time, energy and monetary commitment on their end. A person who sees that you have something to give which they need, and is willing and ready on every level to carry out this exchange of time, intellect, and energy.

This is why qualifications and strategy alone do not accurately determine our worth. Putting all the math and equations aside – in the end of the day, it’s more important that you feel good about charging what you’re worth. You are doing a great service to yourself and your clients by bringing the focus back to the heart of your business and your energy, so that you can serve the right people who are ready to invest in themselves in the best way possible.

Surrender Yourself To Consistency

cathryn-lavery-67852-unsplash (1).jpg

When I said the word “consistency”, you probably cringed a little bit inside... The conscious part of your mind knows that you need to “accept” consistency as the elemental part of your success in business and life, but there’s an unspoken uneasiness about the word when it’s brought to your attention. That’s most likely your subconscious mind fighting it out of your head because “consistency” is trying to beat you into shape.

This was my relationship with Consistency before I truly learnt to respect and honour it.

You may be in the same place I was – three years ago, when I chased after every podcast, every self help video, every life guru on Youtube. I subscribed myself to an embarrassing amount of self-improvement and success related channels out there (I can’t even count!). Looking back, I suspect maybe I was drawn to that kind of energy, as if hashtag grit, hashtag daily grind, and hashtag hustle was the only way to go to achieve true consistency.

I wish someone had told me that was wrong, that “hard work” was the wrong hero I was looking for, that there was an easier and more graceful way that leads the path to success no one ever talks about.

My breakthrough happened when I least expected it – and my hope is for you to experience the same epiphany too. Here’s what I realised: How you experience consistency is entirely your choice, it all comes down to what you associate “being consistent” with.

Let me show you the two sides to the same coin. People who tell you that “grit” is the answer, primarily brings your attention to the lack of achievement, which is a self-punishing mentality that leads you to constantly believe that you’re just “not there yet”, and keeps you in a place of dissatisfaction. The flip side to this belief are people who live in the moment and truly savour the process of micro-level growth. They view every step of the progress as an opportunity to celebrate, and associate the experience with an overall warm, fuzzy feeling. Now, when your body is buzzed with all these good feelings, it would be hard not to become addicted to the process. This is where true consistency is born.

Hard work means work that is hard, work that doesn’t come naturally or easily, and work that you need to grind through because you’re not coming from an inspired position to produce it. But does that mean we don’t do the work when we don’t feel like it?

Well, that’s not entirely the case.

So what would consistency without hard work look like? This question bring an entirely new meaning to your work. Instead of focusing on the outcome, you get to focus on the process – and enjoy the experience of gathering all your power to being inspired, motivated, and feeling the next level energy that makes “consistency” easy. When I was in this state, I generated a new sense of curiosity and wonder in my work.

This is why I decided to disengage with the grind. Here’s a personal example. I’ve had my fair share of struggle posting on social media regularly. The idea of being “chained” to my phone was never appealing. However, I see the value of being visible online so that people could reach out to me for my coaching services. So I’ve tried committing myself to posting on social media for 10-15 minutes a day, coming from a place where I loathed the work but knew it just needed to be done. After this process failed me miserably, I then experimented doing the exact same task carrying the opposite attitude – allowing myself to celebrate every post I made, and sharing every message from the heart. Can you guess which one got me the best results?

For the sake of this article, I’d like to see how this all fits in with your life. Tell me, how do you see yourself surrendering into consistency in your work or daily life, and how will that affect the quality of your experience in achieving your goal?

Why it's so hard for us to stop Self Sabotaging thoughts

Every once in a while we experience negative thinking or self-talk, or it creeps into our head without warning. We often jump quickly in response to halt our thoughts as soon as we identify these thoughts as negative chatter, which is followed by guilt enforced by our consciousness as a desperate attempt to mask our negativity to stop it from taking up more precious real estate in our minds. You know this all too well.


How often does this happen to you? And do you ever wonder why you only go as far as identifying them, but not making any new breakthroughs that actually replace those thoughts in the first place?

The subconscious mind is a funny thing – it's out of sight but definitely not out of mind. As it's the primary driver that controls 95% of our thoughts; if you want to change your outcome and actions, the subconscious mind is where you'd like to start working on. When you're able to change what happens at the subconscious level, the change will reflect in your conscious thoughts, which allows you to come up with inspired actions that you'll acknowledge on the conscious level. Only then will your mind allow yourself to take meaningful action because your conscious thoughts is aligned with your subconsciousness.

What happens then, when your subconscious thoughts are not aligned with your consciousness? In this case you may start off doing something really motivated, you may do things initially with a lot of power, but you’d find yourself easily be distracted or deviate from your original path for any reason. You may wonder, what happens if you try really hard consciously to stick to your plan for the sake of it? Good luck trying, because doing this will cause you to lose motivation, and your mind will start to find evidence to convince yourself that this was not a good idea from the start. You'll find reasons to talk yourself out of it, and ultimately, you'll find yourself back in square one.

When will this cycle end? Never. It will never end, unless something changes. This means you have to go out of your way to break the cycle. Make a drastic change, uproot everything you've been doing, or pivot and head in a completely different direction. This is why a lot of times when some people fall into a financially bad situation, they stay in the situation indefinitely. This is due to their mindset following a certain pattern and cannot be broken out of the cycle without interference. 

So if you think a Mindset shift is for you, this is absolutely not the time to think small and make incremental changes. Sorry to break it to you, but fundamental change is the answer to breaking your habits of self sabotaging patterns. 

You can get help from a Mindset coach that serves to motivate and push you in the direction of your goals. Chances are – you'll be able to uncover thoughts and truths about yourself that you never knew you've held onto. The sooner you revolutionise your mind, the sooner you will achieve your next level success.