How much is your service worth? Pricing beyond strategy


You don’t have to make your work available to everyone. Because you, my dear, are not a one-size-fits all solution, and neither should your business! Learning to put a dollar sign to my service is one of the biggest self-discovery process that I had to “grow” through – not only is it an exercise to gauge where I stand in the marketplace, it is also a process where I learnt to recognise the value of which I placed upon myself (self-actualisation, hello!), and the level of influence in which I can spread my message to people who needed to hear it. I believe this is true for you too, no matter if you are providing a service to one person, a few, or many.

We all come to a point where we justify how much or how little to charge, or perhaps we’re considering to raise our prices to match our new services – our mind rushes to recall all of our relevant qualifications and experience to prove our worth. Sometimes our view is distorted by our perception when self doubt is being magnified by evidence that don’t truly support our value.

I still remember the moment when I started researching how other people price their businesses – naturally, I’d compare myself to people who has made it all the way to the top. I told myself there was no way I’d ever be able to make the level of income they do. I allowed myself to sulk a little longer than I wanted to… then I realised, I had fallen into the trap of self doubt that blinded me from allowing my message to reach the right audience who needed me the most.

Understanding the exchange of your energy and influence

The one and most important thing you can bring to your work is high level energy – as the dictionary describes, it is the combination of strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity. When it comes to pricing your products or business, there are different factors that may influence the price tag – but nothing will turn up the dial as much as intensifying your energy levels and impact on every level of your business.

Your price point is an internal reflection of how you view your service

I would not believe anyone who told me this last year, but internally I’ve experienced a shift that changed the way I view my work forever. I went from trading my hours for money, to trading my impact for money. Experiencing this shift on my perspective around my service allowed me to become more “productive” in less time without having to do more work. This realisation helped me see the potential of the impact I could make, such as the ripple effect would take place to affect other people around my clients, and thus changing the quality of their lives. So it’s important to acknowledge the level of change you are bringing into people's’ lives – and see the potential of your impact beyond face value. Another way to put it is to ask yourself, “what would it cost them if they didn’t buy this product, or they didn’t work with you?”

Getting the right people to find you

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we knew that we were meant to work with certain people before making a commitment? We want to find people who value our work as much as we do. Recognising our true value not only justifies our time and effort spent in our business, it also sends a message to those who are looking for an impact at the level in which we deliver. It serves as a way to “qualify” the people whom we want to work with, to find the people who aligns with our vision. It serves as the “unspoken red-rope policy” which requires a specific amount of time, energy and monetary commitment on their end. A person who sees that you have something to give which they need, and is willing and ready on every level to carry out this exchange of time, intellect, and energy.

This is why qualifications and strategy alone do not accurately determine our worth. Putting all the math and equations aside – in the end of the day, it’s more important that you feel good about charging what you’re worth. You are doing a great service to yourself and your clients by bringing the focus back to the heart of your business and your energy, so that you can serve the right people who are ready to invest in themselves in the best way possible.