How I Attracted Money in a Spiritual Way

(Spoiler alert…it actually worked!)


Three years ago I would not have dreamed of writing an article about attracting money (that sounds like total bogus), and here I am! I was the most unspiritual, non-superstitious person that defied anything to do with the universe and metaphysical world. I still remain non-superstitious, but developed a slight curiosity towards exploring what spirituality means and how being spiritual leads people to make money in a meaningful and honest way.

Having grown up in a Christian home, I’ve never explored any religion outside of Christianity. In our family, anything that came from unknown forces are deemed as “bad” or “evil”. That’s why the idea of expecting money outside of your regular paycheque is unfamiliar to me. However, I was open to exploring my ability to seek out more resources as long as it fell within my values.

Have a willingness to explore

One year ago, I was looking for study music on Youtube to help me focus on coursework for my insurance license. I stumbled onto a video with the title that suggested that it could help me attract money. I can’t remember if it showed an image of Buddha or another spiritual figure (to me it made no difference), my innocent curiosity nudged me so I clicked it.

My eagerness sent me straight to the comments section to see if it worked for other people. As I started scrolling down the page, streams of beautiful praises and appreciation covered the page to the person who uploaded the soundtrack. I still remember judging them, and kept reading with a sense of skepticism and doubt.

I don’t remember seeing any negative reviews. I suspect it’s because the ones who didn’t believe in it wouldn’t have clicked it in the first place — or maybe I was biased to only pick up on the positive comments. Some people claimed the soundtrack helped them study better; some claimed they received unexpected bonuses from their bosses, and some received refund cheques from a long time ago that they didn’t know about.

“Sounds promising,” I thought, so I hit play and kept it looping in the background. I ended the study session that day and kept repeating this for another two days. You may have guessed what happened next…

I received a mail shortly after

It was addressed to me with a $50 USD cheque sent by the immigration department. It was a refund with a rejection letter of an application of some sort; I was not bothered by the content. Rather, I was curious if the cheque was a result of the soundtrack I listened to a few days ago. However, there was no way to prove it, so I brushed it off and attributed the coincidence to pure chance. It wasn’t long before I forgot about the video.

Fast forward to just two days ago before writing this post, I revisited Youtube again for study music to help me concentrate on writing my blog posts. I figured the calm melodies would help me get into focus easier, so I started my search again.

My eyes scanned for the ones with a catchy headline, and I landed on the one that says, “Attract Abundance of Money Prosperity Luck & Wealth”. I repeated the same action; I went straight to the comments to look for positive feedback even when I knew there was no way to validate the claims. I was skeptical but it doesn’t hurt to dream.

“Bingo!” People said that money was flying in left and right. That’s the video I’ll go with.

I put that video on while I was writing and for the rest of the day as I completed other tasks. It was soothing and really helped me focus. If the music didn’t help me attract more money, at least it increased my attention span to help me finish my writing.

The next day I did the same by putting on the soundtrack and carried on with my work as usual. By the end of the day I hopped onto Skype my boyfriend. While we were chatting, I noticed a letter that’s been sitting on my desk for a few days that looked important.

It was a letter from the government

Inside was a cheque of $1,700 USD of tax refund from the previous tax year. I sat there in shock and awe, and feeling goosebumps all over my body. This was the second time I’ve received a cheque in my life. Both times happened shortly after I listened to the money attraction soundtracks. Could there be coincidences twice in a row? Maybe.

This morning, I received another cheque that was written for my client of $800 USD, a refund from the company because she overpaid her bill by accident. Even though the cheque was not written for me, the money is through me.

New perspectives come with miracles

I wrote this post to share my experience on how my open mindedness allowed more resources to come my way. As much as I still prefer the sustainable ways to make money, I learnt to acknowledge that we can only control the predictable means to create wealth. Once we open ourselves up to the possibilities of receiving resources from unexpected areas, we allow the opportunities for miracles to happen.

My wish for you is to see the world with the curiosity of a child. Everyday we experience the world that may challenge our beliefs — I encourage you to investigate new perspectives that allow the possibility for new outcomes in your life. Who knows, you might be surprised!

Can you guess what I’m listening while writing this post?