Have you been trying to break free from self-doubts and move past your limiting mindset? Are you negative thoughts getting in the way of focusing on solutions and manifesting wealth in your life? If so, this post is for you! We are getting up-close and personal with our scarcity mentality, and finally evicting this bad boy that’s taking up too much of our mental real estate.

Step 1


Remove the “win-lose” mentality, there is enough for everyone.

It’s natural to believe that if someone has more of something, it would mean we have less of it. The idea that there is limited resource in our surroundings is the first thing we need to stop believing. The consequence of the “win-lose” mentality always causes more frustration and anger on our part because we generate so much tension that gives off a negative vibe to our surroundings. Not only that, we are also suffer the results of holding onto these negative emotions without a means to let it go. In order to allow things to happen for us, we need to project energy that empowers not only ourselves, but ultimately other people as well – with the goal in mind that everyone can benefit from a rewarding and mutually beneficial outcome. Always remember a “win-win” arrangement far exceeds the emotional value than a competitive setting.

Take Action: With whom are you working or living with right now that you can change from a "win-lose" situation to a achieve "win-win" solution? Maybe you've come up with solutions A and B which only benefits only either one of you, well how about alternatives C, D, and E?

Step 2

Stop thinking in isolation and adopt “us” and “we” mentality

It is so, so, lonely when we are fighting our internal battles alone. I know this because I used to try and figure out everything myself. It’s super important to reach out and find ways to empower ourselves when we struggling, to foster an environment with people that are open and happy to share resources together. Master the “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine” approach. Can’t afford to rent your own home? Explore the benefits of a co-living space. Don’t have time to cook? Ask a neighbour for help and offer something else in exchange. Want to split a cab so you can get on one sooner? Struggling to gather data to finish your presentation? Start a shared folder so everyone can upload or get their hands on information faster. You get the idea. The power of “we” is by far more effective than the power of “me”. For those of you who live or work with people that are toxic – I understand the challenge you face. If you have already tried this step (and still doesn’t work), feel free to skip it to save yourself from more emotional hurt.

Take Action: With whom (a person or a team) can you combine resources with, so everyone can benefit from faster and more distinguished results? Chances are – people may be shy about asking to share resources – if you initiate it, you'll find out they are more than happy to say yes.

Step 3

Giving in to our thoughts and feelings on scarcity, and making decisions based on fear

There are so many people I’ve talked to that attributed their lack of success to the feeling of fear. We somehow manage to tell ourselves that we lack the right skills and knowledge for higher income and more fulfilling opportunities – even for roles that we’re more than qualified for. As a result, we suffer from what I call “action paralysis” (another word for “extreme procrastination”) because we get so scared about answering our next calling, that we literally don’t do anything at all... and quietly hope that the opportunity will be passed along to the next best person. So it’s super important that we make sure our doubts don’t interfere with our journey. From now on, develop a keen sense on sniffing out good, potential opportunities that we can get excited and energised about! Get good at being responsive so that we can pounce on these opportunities when it comes your way without missing a second!

Take Action: What actions are you procrastinating right now that's hindering you from taking your next big leap? You know what they are, it's time to address it.

Set up your success timeline

Every project needs a timeline – building a home, saving for a wedding, launching a business etc. And so does your wealth plan! A basic timeline can save you a lot of headache just by allowing us to see where everything is, and where we’re headed in full transparency. Because when you put in on paper, there's no running away. By writing out our intentions and setting deadlines, we are giving our time purpose, so that we can take meaningful actions and move towards these goals. It’s tempting to skip this step because that makes us accountable for what we have to do to follow through – and that is precisely the reason why we put a date next to these actions. And if I could give you an extra tip? Put in a date for celebrating as well! You deserve a toast of success when you manage to hit all of your goals!

Take Action: Don't let the word "planning" scare you. Make it easy for yourself but putting down the big milestones first and scheduling the smaller steps that lead up to those goals. The good thing is, you can add details as you go, so it's not an overnight task you need to finish. The key is to illustrate Time as a linear element, and allowing yourself to envision the steps you need to take as a means to physically "get closer" to your goal.

Step 4

Take 100% accountability and responsibilities

This tip is a little bit of tough love but if you take away at least 1 thing from this article, it’s this gem right here. A lot of us manifest and send out our requests to the universe to asking for things so we can receive them. And it’s easy to forget that it’s equally as important that we follow through with effective solutions so that we can actually put ourselves on the right path to receive abundance. I truly believe in the saying “the harder you work, the luckier you get”, but I’d also like to stress that “working hard” alone is not enough. Just because we are “busy” and working long hours doesn’t automatically mean we are giving value by default. The ultimate secret is in our willingness to taking full ownership of our outcomes whether they’re good or bad – so that each time, we become more aligned with what we want. Since we receive as much as we put out there – if we haven’t been able to tap into our desired resources, it means we are not giving something of the same value, and it’s time to assess what's the next critical action we need to take.

Take Action: This one is a little harder, because we don't want to be held accountable when things don't go as we've planned. Start by admitting to yourself first 3 things that you immediately need to "own up to". Think of who or what you've been "blaming", and assess those feelings that may have caused your limiting self-talk.

Step 5

Practise generosity and the joy of sharing

We as humans habitually (and unconsciously) look out for people who seem to have more than us as subjects of comparison, making ourselves feel lacking and “not good enough” as a result. It’s a cycle that we easily fall into, being envious of other people and projecting the feeling of scarcity onto ourselves, and it feeds into the limiting self-talk that causes us to underachieve. By doing this, we are actually depriving ourselves from happiness. How about we turn our attention to those who are less fortunate and people who could use some help. By sharing your love, attention, and kindness to other people, you are directly filling your bucket of abundance. Kind words and loving thoughts go a long way in being a positive impact to others. The magic lies in giving out more blessings than you can possibly receive. And only then, can you accumulate the emotional fulfilment to take inspired actions that has the power to change the course of your future.

Take Action: Start the most accessible and easiest way to show kindness. Write down actions that you can start doing today and see an immediate change of your aura and energy levels.

Step 6

Change “I can’t afford” to “I don’t need”

The way you talk to yourself acts like a spell! That’s why to shift our paradigm on how we experience our reality, we need to first engineer the truths we tell ourselves. Changing your language from passive to active words can drastically shift your interpretation of situations. Using “active” words not only puts you back in control, it also eliminates the the feeling of lacking when what you're addressing is no longer a necessity, or acknowledging that maybe you have other alternatives. The key is to reinforce that you are the boss and be in absolute control of your circumstances – so that you can master what gets to happen in your life.

Take Action: How have you told yourself stories that made you believe you're controlled by your circumstances? Reclaim control today by listening to your thoughts and noting down whenever you use words that evoke a "lacking" mentality, and mindfully replace them will empowering words that communicate your authority and command over money.

Step 7

Conditioning your mind takes patience and persistence, it’s a process that’s constantly evolving and changes with you. Along the way, you must learn to love yourself and be gentle with your thoughts. Criticising and being too harsh doesn’t expedite the process, so don’t judge yourself when you notice any lingering negative thoughts. As long as we pay close attention to our inner dialogue, we will naturally replace our sense of “lack” with richness and abundance in our lives.