Learn the keys to extreme high performance and mental clarity, so that you can reach your greatest potentials


Hi gorgeous!

I believe you can achieve everything you put your mind to, and more! As a young woman living and working in Hong Kong, I was afraid to dream, because I’d always be reminded that I’m bound by “reality”. The idea that I was never good enough and that I would never earn enough money to have the lifestyle and freedom I desire. But I realised that I was holding myself in a mental prison all these years – that “reality” is just a way of humans projecting their fears into this world.


There was something more profound about the lessons I learnt along the way, that the size of your future is directly proportional of the size of your courage, motivation and drive.


And I discovered the inner power that I harnessed which helped me create incredible results while feeling good, and that is – the ability to change my mindset to match my vision, to help me get the results I want.


But this has not always been the case… I was consumed by the feeling as though I didn’t “have enough”, or constantly battled with the frustration of trading time and happiness and playing small. For the longest time I questioned why I couldn't speed up my progress to achieve a more successful and fulfilling life. I was working very hard, but hardly moving forward.


I knew there was a way to “hack” the system. So I decided to experiment on myself. I confronted all my discomfort and fears. It took me just one pivotal moment to realise that I’ve been blinded my whole life from false beliefs, and bought into the illusion of being “stuck”. Instantly I experienced a shift in mindset and I stopped settling and started claiming what’s mine.


Which is why I believe you can too. Because I’ve personally experienced having to always put a price tag to experiences in life, and struggled living with self doubt – and I've found a way to access my inner power. That's why it is my passion to help women who want to hack into the secret of limitless wealth, because no one deserves to settle for a life any less than their greatest potentials.

This is your calling to claim your new voice, identity and strength — you have the potential to become stronger, louder and more powerful than you could’ve ever imagined. And now, it is your time to radiate and shine your light in the world.

Are you ready to level up your sense of security, confidence, and freedom to do things and live your life without ever needing approval?

Your new self is telling you that you CAN and SHOULD take even bigger leaps – whenever you want, and however you want!

It’s time to fire up your wealth engines right now!

Your relationship with yourself is directly connected to how much WEALTH you create in your life!

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When we are misaligned in our mindset we start to make decisions that subconsciously lead us to reject money and opportunities. It's my gift to you to offer a complimentary 30 minute wealth mindset breakthrough call.

On the call, we’ll establish your next steps to up level your wealth mindset with ease so that you can step into your zone of genius, and find the inspired actions to invite the money and abundance back into your life.

Together we discuss your biggest blocks, fears and hold back and I’ll guide you to work through your limiting beliefs without feeling overwhelmed.

What's important is that you takeaway incredible insight and be able to see your wealth with new eyes. So, schedule your call now and I'll speak with you soon!

The sessions made a huge difference in the transition. I made a contract with the mission statement she inspired me to write and my clients loved it and I got the new job I wanted!
— Claire B.
I feel so grateful for her help me to see my value so I could articulate it. I feel a new perspective that wealth will continue to come, which fills me with hope. If you want to level up and get some helpful and supportive perspective, I highly recommend working with Eunice.
— Isabella V.
I’ve been broke and close to giving up my business but to find someone who can help me on my mindset to help increase my income – I would always recommend.
— Emily L.
Without you I wouldn’t have started my latest campaign and push my business to new heights. So thank you!
— Tasha F.
Working with you was a blessing. During our first session, you were able to help me see two big reasons I wouldn’t be moving forward in my business or feeling good about making money.
— Taylor F.
Before working with Eunice, I felt like I would never be able to earn as much money as I wanted to, and that I would always be playing catch up.

If you’re not sure earning what you want to be, definitely book a session with Eunice - you won’t regret it!
— Drew F.


Setting you up for success!



Both are these programs are unsuitable for you if you are not ready to let go of your current mindset that’s been keeping you stuck – if you want to be spoon fed with "get-rich-quick" solutions, or you are not ready to work through your fears and resist asking yourself the hard questions. So this program will require you to step out of your comfort zones because who ever succeeded playing small?


Mindset Transformation is for women who are passionate, self loving and determined that are ready to crush their own resistance and shatter the ceilings. It’s for women who don’t compromise life for anything less, and are ready to elevate their minds and tap into the massive invaluable goldmine – your power and potential.


Not sure if a Mindset Transformation is for you?